From the music to the costumes, Dreams portrays Fleetwood Mac with incredible authenticity. This is definitely a show you won’t want to miss. Formed in 2005, this group of talented, diverse performers came together with a passion for the music, and a desire to take the 'Tribute Act' genre to another level. When you sit back and reminisce about the 70's & 80's music, one of the top bands to grace the charts was Fleetwood Mac. Even today, 30 plus years later, you can still here their music on the radio stations around the world. It was with that thought in mind that Dreams was born. Together Stevie (Tracy Masson), Lindsey (Mario Parente), Christine (Rachael Chatoor), Mick (Todd McGarvey), John (Ray Doucet), are “The Mac Pac”. The fab five are joined by the talents of Bob Van Velzen (Keyboards), completing this grand six piece live production. The cast of Dreams takes great pride being able to replicate the Fleetwood Mac sound so closely that it’s difficult to tell the difference. Get going and get grooving to Dreams!

Tracy Masson (Stevie Nicks)

Tracy Masson has been a professional singer for many years. Her history includes performing the lead in two Janis Joplin tribute bands, touring with the "Legends of Rock" and fronting many popular rock bands, touring all over western Canada and beyond.


Tracy's large roster of studio credits include lead vocal tracks on the musical "Steamroller".
Backup vocals on the album for the band "Vagabond Road" produced by Paul Hyde.

Tracy has won many competitions with her soaring cutting-edge vocal style. She has been compared to the likes of Janis Joplin, Heart, Led Zeppelin, Sheryl Crow and many more. Now out front as "Stevie Nicks" in DREAMS, she has come to a place where she can really shine. You don't want to miss her in this amazing live tribute show!

Rachael Chatoor (Christine McVie)

Rachael Chatoor is a native of Vancouver and has been part of the local music scene since the early 90's, when she took her top 40 corporate band overseas on an international tour.

She has worked as a solo artist as well as in collaboration with other musicians as a part of corporate and festival bands such as Hitzone, Barracuda, the Indestructables and the Rockingbyrds as well as Dreams and Arrival.

This songstress enjoyed a steady gig rotating into Lulu's Lounge in Richmond's River Rock casino for nearly a decade and currently plays at a variety of lounges, private venues, golf courses and exclusive clubs around the lower mainland.

Todd McGarvey (Mick Fleetwood)

Todd McGarvey's interest in drumming and taking lessons started at an early age.

He toured Western Canada for a few years with various bands before venturing into the original music scene. He has been playing and recording locally ever since.

Now playing part of "Mick Fleetwood", Todd's incredible skill as a drummer has been a huge asset to the band.

His passion for drumming and performing is clearly displayed at each and every "DREAMS" show.

Mario Parente (Lindsey Buckingham)

Mario Parente has been playing music for over two decades, both live and in the studio.

An accomplished session musician, he has worked with various artists of all different styles.

Mario lends his lead guitar and lead vocals to the DREAMS project, authentically duplicating the part of Lindsey Buckingham.

Mario also plays lead guitar with the Abba Tribute Act - ARRIVAL.

Ray Doucet (John McVie)

Ray Doucet studied music at Mohawk College in Ontario where he developed a keen interest and respect for many styles of music. Performing with Jazz, Rock, Country and even world music groups, he continues to hone his skills as a musician.

Ray Doucet is also a singer and song writer. With two original CD's to his credit and many live shows he is an experienced performer with a good energy who is both enjoyable to watch and listen to.

DREAMS are supported by:

Bob Van Velzen (Keyboards and Vocals)